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Medicare Options, “When I’m 64”

June 9, 2021

We’ve all heard the song, but what The Beatles left out is the need to start considering Medicare options when you turn 64.

When You Get Older…

Arizona man turned 64 with child and grandchild looking at medicare options.

Signature Solutions will handle all your Medicare needs, leaving you more time to spend with those who matter most.

Most people do not consider sixty-four as a birthday milestone, but here is why you should:

In your mid-60’s most people are buzzing about Social Security income benefits. Regardless if you are receiving retirement benefits or not, you will age into Medicare at age 65. If you are sixty-five and older, you are entitled to enroll in Medicare; however, the process can be overwhelming–especially if you have any pre-existing conditions. That’s where Signature Solutions can help, and why it’s important to know your Medicare options when you turn 64.

Let’s face it: Our bodies start regulating the many physical and mental changes that occur during your 60’s. But don’t let that weigh you down. Our 60’s are also the new 20’s. The possibility of financial freedom, more time to enjoy the little things, and more love to share with your children and grandchildren are all positive of getting older. That’s why securing your Medicare Insurance plan, one that is tailored to your health needs, offers the peace of mind you deserve.

Why Now?

Arizona couple looking over their Medicare plan when they turned 64.

Medicare peace of mind is just a phone call away.

The timeless adage of, “The sooner, the better,” especially applies when researching Medicare options when you turn 64. We understand that exploring the many facets of Medicare is exhausting. Signature Solutions has helped many people just like you navigate through the intricacies of Medicare for residents Cave Creek and the surrounding Maricopa County, and even the entire state of Arizona.

Why now? Simply put: Signing up for Medicare when you are first eligible can help you avoid paying a higher premium.  Moreover, if you are aging into Medicare, you may enroll as early as three months prior to your 65th birthday. This time period is the golden period that should bring you comfort and mental freedom of knowing that you are covered as issues arise.

One Size Does NOT Fit All.

Elderly Arizona woman happy with her current Medicare insurance plan

Your Medicare plan should be tailored to fit your individual needs.

When you are in your 60’s, you should be enjoying the beautiful sunshine that the our wonderful state of Arizona offers, not worrying about burdens of building your Medicare Insurance Plan. At Signature Solutions, not only am I your neighbor in Cave Creek, AZ, and the surrounding Maricopa County, I’m your friend who wants the best for YOU. One of my goals of being your Medicare Insurance Broker is building a lasting relationship that guides your through the many changes that life can bring.

I’ll be your advocate for life.

As an independent agent, Signature Solutions provides unbiased direction to guide and tailor your Medicare plan options to fit your health needs. We walk you through each step, and provide you with information that fits your health needs. You will not meet anyone more knowledgeable about Medicare insurance than Jim Schmidt.

Don’t live in Arizona? That’s okay! I’m Multi-State licensed professional who will put your needs first. New to Medicare? Let me walk you through the steps and explain how Medicare works. All it takes is one phone call.

Just ask for Jim.