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COVID-19 and Medicare

June 9, 2021

Many people are worried about what the coronavirus will mean for their Medicare Plans. Even though COVID-19 is changing a lot in the world right now, you will still be eligible for Medicare and that won’t change. If you’re eligible for Medicare because you are aging into it, retiring, or are eligible based on other factors, the coronavirus outbreak will not affect your eligibility.

Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security in Arizona

Due to the current situation with the coronavirus outbreak around the world, offices in most places are shut down to walk-ins, including here in Maricopa County in Arizona. The Social Security agency, Medicaid, and other state and national agencies have closed their doors. Most of these agencies can still be contacted by phone. Currently, Social Security is experiencing a volume of calls that is higher than normal. Wait times can be up to 2 1/2 hours right now to talk to someone. But you can save your place in line and simply punch in your phone number when prompted and they will get back to you. Signature Senior Solutions, on the other hand, never has a long wait time, and we work in the best interest with no cost to you!

Contact information for you Arizona Medicaid Plan:

Jim Schmidt at Signature Senior Solutions can be called at 1-480-296-3900

If you have questions or concerns about Medicare and COVID-19, contact Jim and he’d be happy to help and offer advice. In some instances, people are retiring and have Part A but not Part B. You just need to know where to go and what your options are, Jim can help you with that. All of Jim’s services are provided to you at no cost or obligation.

Your Insurance Plan and COVID-19

Because the coronavirus is such an unprecedented situation, there are some places that are waiving payments for coinsurance and deductibles. The situation continues to evolve so it is best to talk with an expert in Medicare. If you have original Medicare, a Medicare Advantage plan, or supplemental coverage, you will be covered in most instances.

Testing for COVID-19 will be covered under Medicare part B when it is ordered by a health care professional that accepts Medicare. Medicare Advantage plans are required to cover everything under Parts A and B, this includes COVID-19 testing. What else Medicare will cover depends on the plan you have and the different parts of Medicare. Learn more about the different parts of Medicare. Treatment for symptoms of COVID-19 could include hospital visits, emergency services, outpatient services, home health care, and other services.

COVID-19 prevention tips

Protecting Yourself During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Wash your hands. Washing your hands is the most effective way to kill the virus. Wash your hands with soap and water and be sure to scrub them thoroughly. Wash between your fingers, the backs of your hands, and underneath your fingernails. Be sure to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds before you rinse them.

Stay home and keep a safe distance from others. Many who have Medicare are older or have certain health conditions that make them eligible. People of these demographics need to be more careful. Stay home as much as possible. If you do need to go out for groceries or other necessities, keep a safe distance from others. When you get groceries and other essentials, stock up for a week or two so you don’t have to make frequent trips to the store.

Take preventative measures. When you do need to make a trip out, be more cautious. The CDC has recommended that everyone wear masks, especially when grocery shopping around other people. Keep some hand sanitiver with you and use it before entering a store and after leaving a store. Don’t travel unnecessarily and don’t visit with those who don’t live in your household.

If you think you’re sick, call ahead. If you do develop symptoms of COVID-19, instead of going straight to the doctor or other care provider, call first. Your health care provider will want to take measures to protect themselves and their other patients and they likely already have procedures in place for you to follow.

Do you have questions about how the coronavirus outbreak will affect your Medicare Plans? Contact me to learn how I can help. I know all things Medicare and am always happy to help you figure out the plan you need and what benefits you have. I serve Cave Creek, the northern Phoenix Valley, and all of Maricopa County in Arizona.