• Medicare and COVID-19 - how the coronavirus affects Medicare

COVID-19 and Medicare

Many people are worried about what the coronavirus will mean for their Medicare Plans. Even though COVID-19 is changing a lot in the world right now, you will still be eligible for Medicare and that won't change. If you're eligible [...]

  • Medicare vs. Medicaid: what you need to know and the differences

Medicare versus Medicaid

Medicare and Medicaid are often confused with each other as they have similar names. But there are some big differences between Medicare versus Medicaid. Both offer assistance in paying for medical expenses. Medicaid is offered based mainly on financial need. [...]

  • misconceptions about Medicare

Common Misconceptions About Medicare

Navigating the complexities of Medicare can be confusing. If you've become eligible for Medicare, how can you ensure that you understand how it works and what it covers? These misconceptions about Medicare are very common. Knowing the truth behind these [...]