• Older woman receiving alternative medicine treatment.

Does Medicare Pay for Alternative Medicine Treatments?

Searching for different medical treatments can be common, especially if you’re looking to be less reliant on medications and find something more holistic instead. Alternative medicine is one option that many seniors have turned to feel better and extend their [...]

  • Older man sitting down with healthcare professional, going over Medicare system details.

5 Common Medicare System Complaints

The Medicare system is great because it provides much-needed healthcare to more than 44 million beneficiaries every year. However, it’s not perfect, and complaints are common. Signature Senior Solutions is here to help you navigate through this Medicare maze. We’re [...]

  • three Arizona women in the workplace, one is working past 65.

Medicare While Working Past 65

In this day and age, it's common for many individuals to continue working past 65. Whether it's a financial requirement that prevents you from retiring, or whether you have years of work left in you, knowing your options on Medicare [...]

  • Maricopa county man paying his monthly Medicare premium online.

Pay Your Medicare Premium Online

At Signature Senior Solutions, we think it's time to skip the Post Office lines, and start paying your premiums directly online! We've done the research, and we have two, safe and secure, ways that you can pay your Medicare premium [...]

  • Man using insulin who is on Medicare

Medicare and Insulin: Senior Savings Model

In May of 2020, the Trump administration rolled out the Senior Savings Model--a model that will cap insulin copays at $35. Why is insulin so high in the first place, and why do many Medicare recipients need it? Furthermore, how [...]

  • Medigap: What You Should Know about the supplemental insurance

Medigap: What You Should Know

Do you ever think to yourself, "Do I need Medicare Supplement Insurance? The answer: Depends on your medical needs and your financial habits! Signature Senior Solutions can help find the Medicare plan that's right for you, but you may want [...]

  • Arizona man teaching his grandson to play The Beatles, "When I'm 64," also ties into your Medicare needs.

Medicare Options, “When I’m 64”

We've all heard the song, but what The Beatles left out is the need to start considering Medicare options when you turn 64. When You Get Older... Signature Solutions will handle all your Medicare needs, leaving you more time [...]

  • Medicare and COVID-19 - how the coronavirus affects Medicare

COVID-19 and Medicare

Many people are worried about what the coronavirus will mean for their Medicare Plans. Even though COVID-19 is changing a lot in the world right now, you will still be eligible for Medicare and that won't change. If you're eligible [...]

  • Medicare vs. Medicaid: what you need to know and the differences

Medicare versus Medicaid

Medicare and Medicaid are often confused with each other as they have similar names. But there are some big differences between Medicare versus Medicaid. Both offer assistance in paying for medical expenses. Medicaid is offered based mainly on financial need. [...]