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Jim is a Medicare Insurance Agent that works with Medicare Beneficiaries in Maricopa County, as well as the entire state of Arizona and beyond as a Multi-State licensed professional. Jim has built his successful Medicare outreach services on the foundation of being a true advocate between Beneficiaries and Medicare. He is the face you trust with everything concerning Medicare. You can trust Jim to speak like an old friend, very matter of fact and always honest with zero fluff. This is how he developed his strong reputation through the entire Medicare community! Jim will always have your best interest first and foremost, ensuring that together, you will obtain the wisest and most comprehensive Medicare plan of protection while keeping your target budget in mind.

With that in mind, what is apparent is the fact that we all age different. We all have unique interests and concerns with what we need or what we should expect from a quality Medicare plan of protection. Would you agree that your health is, at a minimum, moderately different than your neighbors health who also has Medicare? If his or her plan works BEST for them, if they are head over heals in love with their plan, that’s terrific and that is the way it should be. However, in no way does that mean you will have a mirrored experience. In that simple statement, the word “best” should never be used when speaking about a specific Medicare coverage plan. It may be the “best” fit (for now), for Mr. Smith, but that in no way means it would be the best fit for the wonderful Mrs. Smith. Without conversation nobody should ever speak generally as a statement by saying, “this is the BEST Medicare plan on the market”. Simply put, that is not an accurate statement, and honestly, it is misleading. A fair statement, change is the one thing in life we can all count on 100% of the time. Health conditions change, plan benefits change, a geographical move, a change in income, etc. Best, if used as a term, should remain specific to that one person and that one plan, solely. For now. For this moment in time. Respectfully, you deserve more. You deserve a review or an in-depth respectful analysis and options tailored to your needs. There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” in Medicare. Fair? We shouldn’t compare plans without filling in the blanks that lean more towards you and your healthcare needs. Lower co-payments are all well and good, but are we forfeiting anything due to temporary blindness from shiny objects? Is $50 in our pockets at years end going to keep us as healthy as that plan specific to our health needs would? Are you on good footing? Does your plan promote the confidence that you deserve? How about this one…Does your plan deserve you!? Have you been forwarded a no-cost free benefits review lately?  Let’s talk!


Read our 5-Star Google Reviews from some of our clients located in Maricopa County including Cave Creek and Phoenix, AZ. Our Signature Senior Solutions Medicare Agents have been able to assist so many people with their Medicare insurance plans.

Working with Jim is nothing short of exceptional! Jim genuinely cares, and really does have an advocate approach. I have recommended him many times, and will continue to do so. I’m confident that if I send someone I care about to him, he will take care of them as well and put them on the plan that best fits their needs. Thank you, Jim!
Janae Peterson

I moved to Phoenix from the East Coast in August of 2019. I did a lot of research about which medical plan I should switch to. By the end of my research I was nowhere! I just didn’t understand and time was running out. Luckily someone told me about Jim Schmidt so I called him immediately. He came over later that same day and broke everything down for me and just simplified everything so I could make an informed choice. Turns out I selected a great plan. A few months later I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was going into surgery with 2 days notice and had coverage and other questions. I trust Jim so I called him and once again he came through for me. Thank you so much Jim, you’re amazing!

Joan Cinner

Jim Schmidt of Signature Senior Solutions has helped us twice on short notice with our Medicare needs. He is very knowledgeable, thorough, responsive, and sincerely cares for his clients. I highly recommend him.

Pat Swatek

Jim Schmidt is our personal Medicare Representative and Jim has gone the extra mile to assure that we have all the necessary knowledge and tools to make our crucial Medicare selections. Jim had made 3 or 4 different trips to our home to help us during the selection process, plus he met with us twice at a retirement center as well. Commitment, yes Jim is committed to assure the best possible service to the folks that place their trust in him. Thank you Jim.!!!!

Ken Bartha

I think Jim Schmidt is a great guy and looks out for us Seniors like no one I have ever met in this business he goes the extra mile.

Vickie Cohen

I had a terrible Medicare plan which covered almost nothing. Someone recommended Jim. He called me back, arranged to meet me at home & found me an excellent Medicare plan. Life is a lot less scary now.

Ann Connery

Jim has helped me with my medicare health insurance needs, He has always been courteous and prompt with me.

Maurine Joppe

Signature Senior Solutions medicare agent has a vast amount of knowledge to share about health and medicare insurance. They helped me get insurance when I needed it most, for a great low monthly premium too! Very professional, clean, family-oriented office! Thank you for all you’ve done!

Kroeker Leona

Excellent support! Cave Creek medicare agents are professional and very helpful. Made the difficult process of securing adequate and affordable insurance a breeze. So glad I searched around and found Signature Senior Solutions! Highly recommend!

Jaciee Manan

Signature Senior Solutions did an excellent and efficient job of bringing me up to speed on available medicare insurance in Cave Creek AZ. Very good communication and support – very much appreciated the professionalism and convenience!!

Samulas Gree

Signature Senior Solutions has extremely knowledgeable health insurance broker in Arizona and provides their clients with accurate information to allow them to make the best health care insurance choices for themselves and their employees. I highly recommend their services.

Kathy Wibrian

Thank you Cave Creek’s Medicare Advisers for the advantages you gave to my father’s health insurance. Really great assist to us. If you are in the market for health insurance, I strongly suggest Signature Senior Solutions.

Paul Manan

Signature Senior Solutions has excellent medicare agent in Cave Creek AZ. My wife and I are extremely pleased with their professionalism, especially their knowledge and clarity of Medicare. Thank you, Signature Senior Solutions!

Corey Gaarde

What’s in it for you?

We have been assisting our Medicare Beneficiaries since 2006. What is in your favor is the advanced continued knowledge and experiences of which Jim will gainfully put into play per the in-depth conversations as to what would be in your best interest for your Medicare protection. Jim will explain all plan types, along with the pros and cons, and all of the reasons as to why one plan would be a better fit than the others. We are talking about Medicare here, and a fair statement is that we all age different. There really is no “cookie-cutter” plan or a “one size fits all”. We will go over what is specific to you and why one Medicare coverage would benefit you more than another.

Jim’s promise to you, is you will be exceptionally assisted with the personal attention required and deserved. The same respect he has forwarded and continue to do so for so many others. He works with all aspects of Medicare, including Medicare surrounding programs. There is an incredible cache of Medicare related programs that assist folks with lower income challenges and/or other personal concerns or special needs.

Continued Medicare Support

Nothing gives Jim more pleasure than helping those seeking guidance. Living his vocation, putting you in a better place than you were prior to your first meeting. The best news is… Jim never leaves! He offers continued Medicare Support, even after you sign on for your Medicare Insurance Plan. You will always have Jim as your Medicare Insurance Agent to lean on for questions and guidance, whether you’ve done business with him in the past or not. This is Medicare! You will have questions. Jim Schmidt is your advocate!

Peace of Mind

You do not need to feel you have a Masters Degree in Medicare to make your way through all of this – you just need to know who to go to. Jim Schmidt is your Medicare Insurance Broker/Advocate in Cave Creek, AZ you can trust – and he’s worth it! Medicare is a terrific entitlement and eligibility. Where Medicare falls victim to the negative stigma that sometimes accompanies even the mention of the word Medicare, is the direct result of folks that have Medicare that are left all alone to navigate through this maze. No Bueno! Medicare is massive and ever-changing. Any surprise in Medicare generally is not a good one, so please, lean on a proven advocate and let’s eliminate surprises to the best of our ability, providing you the time to do what interests you….I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that Medicare chatter 24/7 is not on your Bucket list! How about it? Enjoy your life, this is your time! Relax, and do you, whatever that may be… I gotcha!

All of our services here at Signature Senior Solutions are at no cost or obligation to you. As you have concluded, we’re here to help!

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