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What to Expect

Because of Jim’s advocate approach, he wants to make sure he gets you on the most fulfilling senior Medicare plan for the best price that works with you and your lifestyle. His mission is create peace of mind for you and your family. There’s no reason to feel that you need to go through all this alone with the chance you didn’t pick the best Medicare plan for you. You just need to know who to go to for assistance and answers you can trust. That would be where Jim comes in. His services come at no cost to you. To achieve the best plan possible, here is what you can expect to go through when you hire Signature Senior Solutions Medicare Insurance Advocate in Cave Creek, AZ.

In-Depth Conversations

Each person has specific wants, needs, and unique concerns with their Medicare insurance plan. It’s important to me that you receive what you want and what will work best for you. For a Medicare Insurance Broker to figure this out, I start with a few in-depth conversations so I can figure out what is important to you and your family concerning this next chapter of your life. Signature Senior Solutions Medicare agents in Cave Creek, Arizona will help you navigate through any confusion. We’ll eliminate surprises which would be where most of those frustrations reside, and build a relationship!

Create a Medicare Insurance Plan for YOU

After our in-depth conversations, I will then have a better idea of which Medicare Insurance Plan would be in your best interest. I will explain all types of senior health care plans, along with the pros, the cons, and all the reasons as to why one plan would be a better fit than the others. This allows you to make an educated decision on which plan would fit best in your lifestyle. A “One Size Fits All” Plan is not something I provide as it’s not acceptable for you… or myself, for that matter!

Your Advocate Medicare Agent for Life

I provide you with personal attention that is required and deserved. As to future issues, you always have me as your Medicare Agent in Cave Creek and Maricopa County, AZ.  I will be available for all your Social Security and Medicare concerns – even after you get signed on your new health plan. If you have income challenges or know someone that does, reach out to me. I have changed many lives, improving overall well-being and continue to do so. There is a great deal of assistance out there that many are entitled to, and I am your Medicare Insurance Broker that will advocate for your best interest.

Meet Jim Schmidt

Jim is a Medicare Insurance Advocate that works with Medicare Beneficiaries in Maricopa County, as well as the entire state of Arizona and beyond as a Multi-State licensed professional. Jim has built his successful Medicare outreach services on the foundation of being a true advocate between Beneficiaries and Medicare. He is the face you trust with everything concerning Medicare. You can trust Jim to speak like an old friend, very matter of fact and always honest with zero fluff. This is how he developed his strong reputation through the entire Medicare community! Jim will always have your best interest first and foremost, ensuring that together, you will obtain the wisest and most comprehensive Medicare plan of protection while keeping your target budget in mind.

With that in mind, what is apparent is the fact that we all age different. We all have unique interests and concerns with what we need or what we should expect from a quality Medicare plan of protection. Would you agree that your health is, at a minimum, moderately different than your neighbors health who also has Medicare? If his or her plan works BEST for them, if they are head over heals in love with their plan, that’s terrific and that is the way it should be. However, in no way does that mean you will have a mirrored experience. In that simple statement, the word “best” should never be used when speaking about a specific Medicare coverage plan. It may be the “best” fit (for now), for Mr. Smith, but that in no way means it would be the best fit for the wonderful Mrs. Smith. Without conversation nobody should ever speak generally as a statement by saying, “this is the BEST Medicare plan on the market”. Simply put, that is not an accurate statement, and honestly, it is misleading. A fair statement, change is the one thing in life we can all count on 100% of the time. Health conditions change, plan benefits change, a geographical move, a change in income, etc. Best, if used as a term, should remain specific to that one person and that one plan, solely. For now. For this moment in time. Respectfully, you deserve more. You deserve a review or an in-depth respectful analysis and options tailored to your needs. There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” in Medicare. Fair? We shouldn’t compare plans without filling in the blanks that lean more towards you and your healthcare needs. Lower co-payments are all well and good, but are we forfeiting anything due to temporary blindness from shiny objects? Is $50 in our pockets at years end going to keep us as healthy as that plan specific to our health needs would? Are you on good footing? Does your plan promote the confidence that you deserve? How about this one…Does your plan deserve you!? Have you been forwarded a no-cost free benefits review lately?  Let’s talk!

What’s in it for you?

Jim’s promise to you, is you will be exceptionally assisted with the personal attention required and deserved. The same respect he has forwarded and continue to do so for so many others. He works with all aspects of Medicare, including Medicare surrounding programs. There is an incredible cache of Medicare related programs that assist folks with lower income challenges and/or other personal concerns or special needs.

What people say about us

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"Jim has helped me with my medicare health insurance needs, He has always been courteous and prompt with me."

Maurine Joppe
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"Signature Senior Solutions medicare agent has a vast amount of knowledge to share about health and medicare insurance. They helped me get insurance when I needed it most, for a great low monthly premium too! Very professional, clean, family-oriented office! Thank you for all you’ve done!"

Leona Kroeker
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"I had a terrible Medicare plan which covered almost nothing. Someone recommended Jim. He called me back, arranged to meet me at home & found me an excellent Medicare plan. Life is a lot less scary now."

Ann Connery
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"Excellent support! Cave Creek medicare agents are professional and very helpful. Made the difficult process of securing adequate and affordable insurance a breeze. So glad I searched around and found Signature Senior Solutions! Highly recommend!"

Jaciee Manan
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"Thank you Cave Creek’s Medicare Advisers for the advantages you gave to my father’s health insurance. Really great assist to us. If you are in the market for health insurance, I strongly suggest Signature Senior Solutions."

Paul Manan
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"Signature Senior Solutions has excellent medicare agent in Cave Creek AZ. My wife and I are extremely pleased with their professionalism, especially their knowledge and clarity of Medicare. Thank you, Signature Senior Solutions!"

Corey Gaarde

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