Welcome ….

 .... My name is Jim Schmidt, the Principle of Signature Senior Solutions Complete Medicare Guidance. We are here to help with everything concerning Peace of Mind when it comes to Medicare, and I am forwarding my commitment to include you and the important people in your life!

 Acknowledging the certainty of which you would agree it of a major importance, that you are respected as an individual vs. a class of people. An individual with specific wants, needs and requests, having an identity that of your own with unique concerns that set you apart from anyone else. For very good reason, my recommendation is that we open up dialogue and have a few in-depth conversations as to what is important to you and your family concerning this next chapter of your life and your lifestyle. 

Initially, with this approach...then, as we dive deeper, the takeaway from our time together is a certainty in knowing that all of your concerns have been acknowledged, discussed in detail, and then understood, with profit being your unshakeable confidence when it comes to your very first or with your next Medicare plan. An all-around understanding and confidence is our common goal, and that we could always look back favorably as to what we accomplished together....with availability to you into the future whenever needed. This is important because things change with our health as we age. An unforeseen health event, a lifestyle change, or even for a plan review to continue to have the certainty that you are still in the proper plan that still compliments you, tailored specifically to your needs...I/we are here and committed.

I know Medicare! I am not a "salesperson"! I would rather speak with you and what you can expect! I am proven and I am your advocate! I provide education and I provide answers, with thrust being sensible solutions and our long-lasting relationship!

What you should expect....

In assisting our Medicare Beneficiaries since 2006, what's in your favor is my advanced knowledge, experiences, and relationships of which I will gainfully put into play per our conversations with balanced engagement as to what would be in your best interest.

I will explain all plan types, along with the pros, the cons, and all the reasons as to why one plan would be a better fit than the prior or the next. We are talking Medicare here, and a fair statement is that we all age differently. So, a “Cookie-Cutter” plan approach or a “one size fits all” plan will not work and is not acceptable for you...or myself, for that matter!

 You will be exceptionally assisted with the personal attention required and deserved. As to future issues, well, you always have me! I will be available for all your Social Security and Medicare concerns! If you have income challenges...or if you know of folks that do, have them reach out to me, please!  I have changed many lives in that arena as well, improving overall well-being and continue to do so. There is a great deal of assistance out there that many are entitled to, and folks just don't know where to go, who to ask, and what exactly is available. We can speak to these concerns as well if proving to be a better fit. Again...I am your advocate, so use me!

Peace of Mind

There’s no reason to feel that you need to have a degree in Medicare to make your way through all of this! You just need to know who to go to for assistance and answers. That would be where I come in.

Medicare is a terrific eligibility. Truly! We all know of certain stigmas surrounding Medicare. The not being able to get a question personally and properly answered, the confusion that turns to frustration, the feeling of having to navigate Medicare all on your own lending itself to uncertainties, etc.... these circumstances need not apply here with us! What I am getting at, is that you won't ever feel left all alone to navigate through the massive Medicare maze and the language, and the "not being left alone" is the difference. We'll eliminate surprises which would be where most of those frustrations reside, and build a relationship! There is a whole lot of good in Medicare and it's all here for you! This is all too important to guess at, crossing fingers hoping the right plan was "picked". Be good to yourself! Take the time, pick up the phone and call. No exaggeration that in just a few seconds, you will be glad you did...I promise! This is your time to relax and enjoy life, and I am just the fella to have on your side with everything, Medicare!

We have a common goal here. I am here to help in achieving these goals. I work for you, and along the way, we develop our professional relationship. So, with a warm hand extended, I am offering you everything we have to give. All of our services are at no cost or obligation to you…ever! You can also inquire right here on this site by filling out the information request form.

This is your invitation and this is my commitment...Welcome to Medicare!

Thank you kindly,

Jim Schmidt

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