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Senior Medicare doesn't have to be overwhelming

We are here advocates for the elderly searching for the best Medicare insurance plan for them and their lifestyle.

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We help you to get covered
in 3 steps

Step 1.
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In-Depth Conversations

Each person has specific wants, needs, and unique concerns with their Medicare insurance plan.

Step 2.
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Create a Medicare Insurance Plan for YOU

I will explain all types of senior health care plans, along with the pros, the cons, and all the reasons as to why one plan would be a better fit than the others.

Step 3.
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Your Advocate Medicare Agent for Life

I will be available for all your Social Security and Medicare concerns – even after you get signed on your new health plan.

What to Expect

Because of Jim’s advocate approach, he wants to make sure he gets you on the most fulfilling senior Medicare plan for the best price that works with you and your lifestyle. His mission is create peace of mind for you and your family. There’s no reason to feel that you need to go through all this alone with the chance you didn’t pick the best Medicare plan for you. You just need to know who to go to for assistance and answers you can trust. That would be where Jim comes in. His services come at no cost to you. To achieve the best plan possible, here is what you can expect to go through when you hire Signature Senior Solutions Medicare Insurance Agent in Cave Creek, AZ.

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In-Depth Conversations

Each person has specific wants, needs, and unique concerns with their Medicare insurance plan. It’s important to me that you receive what you want and what will work best for you. For a Medicare Insurance Broker to figure this out, I start with a few in-depth conversations so I can figure out what is important to you and your family concerning this next chapter of your life.Signature Senior Solutions Medicare agents in Cave Creek, Arizona will help you navigate through any confusion. We’ll eliminate surprises which would be where most of those frustrations reside, and build a relationship!

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Create a Medicare Insurance Plan for YOU

After our in-depth conversations, I will then have a better idea of which Medicare Insurance Plan would be in your best interest. I will explain all types of senior health care plans, along with the pros, the cons, and all the reasons as to why one plan would be a better fit than the others. This allows you to make an educated decision on which plan would fit best in your lifestyle. A “One Size Fits All” Plan is not something I provide as it’s not acceptable for you… or myself, for that matter!

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Your Advocate Medicare Agent for Life

I provide you with personal attention that is required and deserved. As to future issues, you always have me as your Medicare Agent in Cave Creek and Maricopa County, AZ.  I will be available for all your Social Security and Medicare concerns – even after you get signed on your new health plan. If you have income challenges or know someone that does, reach out to me. I have changed many lives, improving overall well-being and continue to do so. There is a great deal of assistance out there that many are entitled to, and I am your Medicare Insurance Broker that will advocate for your best interest.

A Face You Can Trust in Senior Medicare

My name is Jim Schmidt, the Principle of Signature Senior Solutions LLC. We are located in Cave Creek, servicing all of Maricopa County, the state of Arizona, as well as Multi-State licensed for complete care and guidance with Everything Medicare!
Here at Signature Senior Solutions, our Medicare Insurance Advocates take pride in doing business the right way – the way it should be done with you as the focus, wherever that may take us. Point of fact is that we all age different, we all have unique interests and we all have personal concerns specific to who we are, how we are aging, family histories, our lifestyles, our budgets. Through conversation we take an advocates approach in assisting you with your wisest plan of protection vs. a salespersons self-serving attempt at collecting a piece of business, which will never ever work in your favor when the chips are down. Speaking of… do you know how your current plan will perform when called upon? Who pays what, when, how & why? The time to find out is not when you are needing to use your plan. It’s pre-enrollment, not post-enrollment. It’s during those understanding your options conversations as to the “why’s” you chose your new plan, and the “why not’s” of why you passed on others. This is the foundation. However, coming to a sensible plan of protection that compliments your needs is only the beginning. Have someone you are confident in that will Always take your call!

For now, I would like to thank you for stopping. I am always happy to take your call should you care to reach out to us for anything, Be it advice & guidance, what Congress or Social Security is up to, current industry changes… anything. Even if not for you, you may be calling for a relative or friend, no matter! I’ll help anyone at anytime and you will never ever be sold to or feel as if. This is not only my promise, this is my commitment. I love Medicare… and you should too. Let’s talk!

More About Us

What people say about Jim

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"Working with Jim is nothing short of exceptional! Jim genuinely cares, and really does have an advocate approach. I have recommended him many times, and will continue to do so. I’m confident that if I send someone I care about to him, he will take care of them as well and put them on the plan that best fits their needs. Thank you, Jim!"

Janae Peterson

Real Customer

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"Jim Schmidt of Signature Senior Solutions has helped us twice on short notice with our Medicare needs. He is very knowledgeable, thorough, responsive, and sincerely cares for his clients. I highly recommend him."

Pat Swatek

Real Customer

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"I think Jim Schmidt is a great guy and looks out for us Seniors like no one I have ever met in this business he goes the extra mile."

Vickie Cohen

Real Customer

Frequently asked questions

Before You Enroll

Getting Medicare is a major milestone. Here's where you can get the information you need, despite where you remain in your Medicare journey.

5 important facts:

1. Some individuals get Medicare automatically, and some have to sign up. You may have to sign up if you're 65 (or almost 65) and not getting Social Security.
2. There are specific times of the year when you can sign up or change how you get your coverage.
3. If you register for Medicare Part B when you're first eligible, you can avoid a penalty.
4. You can select how you get your Medicare coverage.
5. You may be able to get help with your Medicare expenses.

When Am I Eligible for Medicare?

Your Entitlements and Eligibility first become available for enrollment three months prior your 65th Birthday month, the month of your 65th Birthday, and then for three months after your 65th birth month providing Bebeficiaries seven full months to enroll.

When Will My Medicare Coverage Start?

Ok, now depending on the circumstance, effective dates on all Medicare plans always start the 1st day of the next month, be it a scheduled calendar start or a requested effective date start. If you are new to Medicare it will start the 1st day of your 65th Birthday month.

What If I Waited and I Didn’t Apply When First Eligible?

If you intentionally postponed your Part B benefits because you were enjoying a robust employer plan, you did the right thing. Bravo!! Upon terming or retiring, you will need proof that you had “credible health plan coverage” since the month you turned 65. You can obtain this form from your employer’s HR department, or from a comptroller or whoever administers your employer’s health plan.

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